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what a beautiful day for damian wayne to not be dead

favourite movies ― Pacific Rim (2013)

"In order to fight monsters, we created monsters of our own"



"im tired of seeing posts about Ferguson" yeah well im tired of white cops killing black people so



extremely beautiful | Zoe Saldana

you say one more thing that sounds like a code and you’re a noun, with no goddamn verb


Powerful photos capture the student protests in Mexico barely anyone is talking about 

While the world has focused its attention on the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, there’s another student movement gaining steam on the other side of the world.

The unfolding protests gripping Mexico began in the small town of Iguala, in the southwest region of Guerrero state, where the disappearance of 43 student teachers on the night of Sept. 26 has sparked outrage amid allegations of collaboration between local police and organized crime.


the thing i hate most about people who preach ‘non-violence’ and ‘peace’ is that they never preach to those in power, you’ll never hear any of them demanding the police stop killing black people, to stop destroying their neighborhoods, and to put their weapons down, and that’s because these people are not against violence, they are only against resistance. 


Rape is the only crime on the books for which arguing that the temptation to commit it was too clear and obvious to resist is treated as a defence. For every other crime, we call that a confession.

Stop Whitewashing Joe and Iris West


Earlier (last week, I guess) I made a point flat out pointing out how the photoshop brigade is taking liberties with dark and light-skinned characters (notably Black Characters) and washing them out to the point of a gross milky pallor.

As someone who is currently engrossed the budding flash fandom (solely because of Iris and Joe West, their actors Jessie L Martin and Candice Patton), the level of whitewashing that’s going on in the Iris and Joe tags is beyond levels of a epidemic crisis. And the worst part is, no one really seems to give a damn because “photoshop trends”.

I’ve seen more whitewashed Iris and Joe like this (and worse):







as opposed to this:







And like I said, because this is a hot trend, this doesn’t appear to be stopping, and as a result I have to wade through pages and pages of whitewashed Joe and Iris before I find anything decent. As much as i enjoy the fact graphic makers are supportive of Iris, Iris/Barry and Joe, when compared to gif makers exampled above, Iris and Joe are still getting the milky white psd treatment and its making me mad.

There was a tumblr user, nkhamiltons, that went out of their way to create a psd that prevented the milky photoshop washout that’s so on fire on tumblr, but their blog is on hiatus and thus the psds are inaccessible at the moment. And thus far, no one really appears to be all that invested in creating a psd resource for photoshop makers for dark/brown skinned characters, so things like this keep happening.